Kingdom Stories is a video production company intent on assisting the Christian mission through production of video tools for individual missionaries and mission agencies. As these missionaries seek to raise their support and to communicate their personal vision of ministry, Kingdom Stories creates video tools to assist in message delivery and expansion of audience.

By enabling missionaries to deliver a high quality presentation for an event (mission conference or church function) either as an adjunct to their verbal presentation or in their absence, Kingdom Stories brings the best communication technologies of the 21st century to their assistance.

Al Cook Bio

Al Cook worked with professional photographer Douglas Paddock in New York while attending The King's College in Briarcliff Manor, NY. He shared production responsibilities in projects for PBS and The Kraft Music Hall - among others.

Following college and 2 years in the working world, Al joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in their multi-media development company 2100 Productions. His duties included production of ministry tools in the home studio and leading a team of 4 throughout the United States, staging a 16-projector multi-image show on college campuses.

Together with the local campus staff and InterVarsity chapter, the 2100 team staged a 60-minute multi-image presentation that challenged students to consider their personal beliefs and value system. The person and work of Jesus Christ was presented within this multi-image event comparing and contrasting secular life with Christian faith.

In 1975 Al became an independent photographer and producer. Al Cook Productions continues as a commercial photography studio and video production company.

During this period Al has produced numerous presentations for corporate clients (public relations/training), church building projects and debt reduction (fundraising) and for missions - (informational/fundraising).

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